This is the first house we have ever had with a designated laundry room! In San Diego, both of our homes had the washer and dryer in the garage. It wasn’t a big deal and we were very used to it but this new extra space is exciting.

What I like most is that there is now a transition space between our garage and our house. For the most part, our family enters the house from the garage and so I am excited to have a place to put the “stuff.” Stuff like backpacks, lunch boxes, shoes, umbrellas, reusable shopping bags, cat food, cleaning supplies, etc. Right now, these items are spread out all around our house and it works! OF COURSE IT WORKS. But that doesn’t mean I am not looking forward to at least having a place to corral it all starting next summer.

So let me share you what we are working with and my plans for it.

This room has beadboard wainscotting that goes almost halfway up the wall. I would like run it closer to 3/4 the way up and add pegs at the top (similar to the inspiration photos below).

Above the beadboard the wall will be painted white (Greek Villa by Sherwin Williams is the current plan) and the trim and beadboard will be painted Sherwin Williams Farm to Table. I am excited about the hook storage but also (honestly) just think it looks cool.

The previous owners took their washer and dryer and we will most likely be bringing our current models up with us when we move. (Also, here is the point where I tell you we are going to install a clothes line in the back yard to start air drying our laundry more often! My mom has been doing it and I am excited to start up as well. When needed, the washer and dryer will both be powered by solar.)

I plan to remove these upper cabinets and install a shelf (or maybe 2) that will hold detergent, clothes pins (in a cool bucket or something), baskets and of course a plant.

I would love to carry the beadboard to this wall as well. The current metal sink I would like to move to the garage (never enough utility sinks) and replace with something like this. Probably in black though I am not 100% sure. I am planning on a faucet like this.

The last wall is filled with floor to ceiling cabinets and I am so excited to keep them but replace the doors. I am planning to use Nieu Cabinets Cottage Style doors and have them painted in the same Farm to Table as the beadboard wrapping around the room.

You can see in this photo that there are also cabinets in the hall (there is so much storage in this house!) and we will be filling probably half of those with pantry staples and probably lesser used kitchen items (like some of our serving platters, maybe my kitchen aid mixer) and then the other half will be "fun" storage like games, art supplies, pool towels, swimsuits, googles, etc. (This hall faces the powder room that leads out to the future pool and is also right off of the kitchen). I plan to replace the cabinet doors with the same cottage style doors.

For the floor in the laundry room I want to do something fun and am planning to create hex tile flowers (inspired by this photo). We are going to use Tusk for the background (we got a great deal on those!) and then Rosemary and Basil for the flower portion (we think).

Finally lighting! I am going to replace the track lighting in the hall with something like this. I would love to replace the can lights (which don’t put out much light at all and are not centered) in the laundry room itself with two of these.

And I think that’s it! It’s a lot of green! It’s a lot of projects. I am sure it’s going to change some as I get going. I am joining in for the first time with the One Room Challenge to make it all happen. Should be fun!

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